Yuri’s Night Privacy Policy

Effective December 1, 2014

Information We Collect From You

As outlined in our Yuri’s Night collects certain non-identifying information automatically and some personal information that you volunteer to us on a manual basis. This includes but is not limited to cookies, usernames, passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, and private event listings.

Automated and Personal Information

Automated Information is any information that is transmitted to our systems automatically when you visit our website (e.g. cookies). Personal Information is any information that you personally volunteer to us, and may include both public and private information (e.g. event listings and email addresses). Personal Information does not include event descriptions, dates, and times, insofar as they do not contain personally identifying information.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

  • Your information is yours, not ours. Below are a few helpful guidelines, reminders, and notes to keep your data with us safe and better understand what you may do with your information on our platform.
  • You agree when transmitting personal information to us that the information is correct and accurate, that it is yours to disclose, and grant us the right to retain copies in active and archival systems.
  • If you wish to remove certain Personal Information from your account with us you may do so by logging in to your account and changing information in required fields or deleting information in optional fields.
  • It is not possible for us to remove Automated Information, even at your request. This information cannot alone be used to personally identify you.
  • When you are made aware that there has been a breach to your social media or email accounts used to sign in to Yuri’s Night, you agree to change your passwords as appropriate to ensure the integrity of your account.

Our Rights and Responsibilities

  • We will assist you in removing or redacting Personal Information as necessary from our systems and records whenever possible if you’re unable to do so yourself.
  • As part of our commitment to improving the Yuri’s Night experience and providing as stable a website as possible we make backups of all of our systems. Your Automated and Personal Information will be contained in these backups. We may archive these backups as necessary.
  • We will not purposefully disclose your Personal Information to any third party without your written permission. This includes selling your contact information or transferring your contact or account information to our partners. There are two exceptions: the first is that we may utilize third party services for data processing, newsletters, website hosting, and other business purposes. These providers must agree to keep such information confidential. Secondly, if Yuri’s Night receives valid legal demands from a U.S. court, we may be required by law to release information to the relevant parties.
  • If Yuri’s Night is ever acquired, sold, or otherwise transferred to another legal entity and we have your Personal Information on this website, we will give you notice ahead of the effective date and you may redact or remove Personal Information at your discretion.
  • We will use reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information that is not meant for public disclosure using methods meeting or exceeding our own methods for securing information.

We welcome feedback and comments on our Privacy Policy. To let us know what you think, send us an email.