How To Host


What kind of event do you want to host? Who is invited? Where will your event be held? To help, we have created a three-step process to get you thinking about how to host a great event!

Our quick guide will give you some ideas and strategies for promoting your event on a tight budget.

Brand your event with Yuri’s Night logos. Print them on mugs, tag your event staff, and spread the celebration beyond April 12th.
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Party hosting 101

What kind of event will you host?

A private party with friends or a more public gathering?

An educational or celebratory event?

A family and kid-friendly event, or more adult-focused party?

What date and location will your event be hosted?

While the official Yuri’s Night is April 12th, events can take place anytime around this date. Want to host it on a Friday night? Sunday brunch? Thursday afternoon at a school? Anything is fine – as long as it is full of space spirit!

Also, think about possible locations.

If this will be a public event, could you host it at a city park? Would a bar or restaurant be willing to share their space with you in exchange for the publicity? Does your town have a science museum or planetarium that would be interested in hosting? 

If this will be a private event, do you want to host it at home? Maybe you could use a common space in your apartment complex? In a public park?

What date and location will your event be hosting?

You can do nearly anything for a Yuri’s Night event – the idea is to have fun and celebrate the achievements of humanity in space exploration. Past event hosts have organized activities such as:

  • A space movie night (Rent a theater and watch 2001: A Space Odyssey or even Wall-E)
  • A space-themed bar night at a local pub or bar with space trivia, space-themed drinks, and music
  • Space cookout: dehydrated space foods, dips squeezed from ziplock bags, tang vodka martinis, etc
  • Dance event with a local bar and DJ for a night of futuristic dancing
  • Late-night event hosted at a local planetarium or science center with docent lead talks about astronomy or space exploration
  • School events / field trips for K-12 students to learn about spaceflight and the cosmos complete with rocket building!

I've got my plan! What now?

Once you have a plan for where, when, and what, you want to do for your event, follow these three last steps:

  1. Share with your friends and other like-minded people. Think about creating a Facebook Event, a Google Meet Event, or if you’ll need to manage admission try apps like Eventbrite, TicketLeap, or Splash. If you’re working with a local planetarium or science center, make sure they publicize the event with local television and radio news stations.
  2. Log into the Yuri’s Night Mission Control Center with your favorite online profile to register your event with us. This adds your event to our global party count and makes it easier to share your event with others on our registry if made public. Just give us your best guess on the number of attendees and feel free to update your information at the control center as you finalize plans.
  3. Host your event on the date you choose and use any of the resources that we have available on our website. After and during your event, let us know how it went by tagging us and using the #YURISNIGHT hashtag!

Graphics and Branding

General Logo Usage Guidelines

The Yuri’s Night logo is property of Yuri’s Night, a non-profit organization located in California, USA.

Organizers planning a Yuri’s Night event are encouraged to use (and remix!) the Yuri’s Night logo and name for advertising and printed materials related to that event.

Consider your background color when choosing a logo. If the background of your intended medium is not black or white, choose the logo that provides the most visible border.

Logo Usage Guidelines for Merchandise

The Yuri’s Night logo is only authorized for use in products specific to an event (eg, “Yuri’s Night NYC”, “India Space Party 2024”, etc.). No generic merchandise may be sold online without the express written permission of Yuri’s Night.

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Fancy New Logo

Released for our 20th Anniversary, this new look has more complexity and colors than the classic logo.

Download PNG | Download PSD

Classic Black Ring Logo

If the background of your intended medium is white or a lighter color, please use the Black Ring Logo.


Classic White Ring Logo

If the background of your intended medium is black or a darker color, please use the White Ring Logo.


Classic Black Transparent

Can be used on any background except for black. Also good for layering and remixing.

Transparent PNG
Greyscale PNG
Large Vector Logo