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Join us for SpaceKind Training. Help launch a new era of space exploration.
The next course starts Tuesday Sept 27th, 2022!

Building on the insight and instruction in her book The New Right Stuff: Using Space to Bring Out the Best in You, Yuri’s Night co-founder Loretta Whitesides leads Space-directed leadership trainings and seminars in traditional and non-traditional classroom settings around the world.

Invest 8 weeks in your training and development as a SpaceKind Leader. This non-traditional learning course will invite you to open your heart, define your dreams, and share your life vision. Be supported in navigating your own hero’s journey and come out the other end ready to make your unique contribution to the cosmos.

Come join a community of people ready to shake up the status quo and fulfill what they came to Earth to do.

SpaceKind Syllabus- The Hero’s Journey

  1. Ordinary World– We will see much we do by habit, unconsciously and what could become possible if we were more aware of what we do. We will write down what we wanted to get out of the training, what we came to Earth to do and meet each other.
  2. We Meet Our Mentor– We will be a Jedi Listening exercise- listening to people’s greatness. We will cross the Threshold into the Special World by making a bold commitment.
  3. Dark Side– We went into our cave and confronted the darkest aspects of ourselves. Then we practiced turning our “mess” into our message. We asked the important question- Is it true?
  4. “Do or Do not There is no Try”- The Hero prepared for the major challenge- Luke trains in Degobah, we work on our integrity. Don’t throw anyone under the pad crawler.
  5. Death, Ordeal, and Rebirth– The Hero must face death and then come out the other side transformed. In this session we will look at what needs to die in us for us to live the life we really want. We take on a courageous conversations that would be an ordeal.
  6. The Reward, Seizing the Sword– We explored gratitude as the antidote to disappointment or upset. We worked on our gratitude lists and reached out to someone special in our lives.
  7. Resurrection– The final challenge of our journey- getting complete with your parents- We took on getting complete with our parents to open up what is possible in all our relationships and come back to our community ready to pay it forward.
  8. Return Home– We will each share what we took on during the journey, we we got out of it, and how we are going to share it with those around us. We will each create the next steps for us in our mission to keep growing and training.
Astronaut Story Musgrave speaking at Yuri's Night
Story Musgrave
NASA Astronaut

"[The New Right Stuff] is outrageous, just stunning... I am going to live it every day. I am not surprised. It is Lorettta."

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