Tim Dodd, The Everyday Astronaut

Everyday Astronaut aka Tim Dodd


Tim Dodd started Everyday Astronaut in 2014 as an art project on Instagram. A then-professional photographer, Tim took pictures of himself in a Russian high altitude flight suit as part of a viral photo series. In the making of that series, his love for spaceflight snowballed into an obsession.

As his knowledge grew, he wanted to teach the things he was getting excited about and found photography to be the wrong outlet. So in 2017, without any real game plan, Dodd took to YouTube full time to try and make easy to understand videos about spaceflight.

Since then, Everyday Astronaut has grown to be one of the top outlets in spaceflight. Dodd’s mantra of quality over quantity shows with hour-long documentary-style videos featuring original graphics, music and on-site footage. Fans of Everyday Astronaut may be familiar with Tim’s response to timelines with “When it’s done™”.

The channel, officially recognised as media, has become a trusted friend to the industry: attending the biggest events, and getting exclusive access to the most influential people in spaceflight. Most notably, interviews with SpaceX’s Elon Musk, Former NASA Admin, Jim Bridenstine, and Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck.

In 2019 the team grew from just Tim to a small army of incredible helpers who make this website amazing, the videos higher quality, and help foster a fun and positive online community.