Tara Sweeney

Grounded in love. Elated in the clouds. Fixed on a horizon. Guided by the stars. Inspired by you. What wicked awesomeness will we create together?

Tara Sweeney is a United States Air Force Academy graduate, a Space Camp Hall of Fame inductee, a corporate leader in advanced technology test and evaluation events, a former crew member on parabolic research flights, a private pilot, and a graduate of SpaceKind training. She has been instrumental in establishing and executing the Cosmic Odyssey Scholarship as a mentor to Niko Blanks. In addition to being a proven leader, entrepreneur, and STEM mentor to many organizations, individuals, and students, Tara is a field geologist who recently returned from a 102-day Antarctic science expedition to McMurdo Station, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Thwaites Glacier, and the McMurdo Dry Valleys. She is currently working on PhD research related to rocket seismology, impact cratering, and field techniques and technology in preparation for extravehicular activity on the lunar surface.