Salam Abualhayjaa

Salam Abualhayjaa is a highly skilled mechanical engineer specializing in spacesuit design. She recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, where she demonstrated her talent by creating a groundbreaking spacesuit for her senior design project. This spacesuit incorporates a sustainable cooling system utilizing multi-layered composite materials, which cools the entire body and protects astronauts from overheating during lunar analog space missions. Salam has also designed EVA suits that are flexible, easy-to-use, and include cooling systems.
In her professional career, Salam has continued to innovate and make significant contributions to the field of spacesuit design. Her accomplishments include designing the inner structure of the upper torso, developing an anti-fogging system to prevent fog build-up on the astronaut helmet visor, and improving mobility by incorporating working bearings at the shoulders, elbows, and waist to ensure even pressure distribution inside the spacesuit.
Salam’s enthusiasm for space exploration is evident in all her work, and she is dedicated to contributing to the field in every way possible. In addition to her work as a mechanical engineer, Salam is also an accomplished actress and science communicator. She merges her passion for STEM and space flights with travel, inspiring others to pursue their interests in these fields. Salam currently works as a science communicator with Borderless Labs Inc (BLINC), where she continues to share her knowledge and expertise with others to inspire her community. Her ultimate goal is to become an astronaut, and she is working tirelessly towards this dream while designing spacesuits and components that will contribute to the advancement of space exploration.