Michael Okuda

Mike Okuda was Star Trek’s lead graphic designer from 1986 through 2005, during which he earned screen credit on 624 hourlong episodes and seven feature films. A lifelong space enthusiast, Mike has created numerous emblems for NASA, including the STS-125 space shuttle Hubble servicing mission, the Flight Operations emblem (representing both Mission Control and the astronaut office,) and project logos for the Orion spacecraft and the Planetary Defense Office. He recently returned to Star Trek, doing graphics for the second and third seasons of Star Trek: Picard, and currently works as a technical advisor for the Apple TV+ series, For All Mankind. Mike was nominated for three Emmys for Best Visual Effects, and is the recipient of NASA’s Exceptional Public Service medal and the Art Directors Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award. His other media credits include the recent Netflix comedy, Space Force, and several films directed by Clint Eastwood, including Sully.