Contacting Yuri’s Night with Legal Matters

Effective 1 December 2014.

Your use of the Yuri’s Night Website constitutes acceptance of the following terms.

In order to ensure the security and privacy of user information we require you encrypt legal documents before transmission to us using our public key available here. To encrypt your documents with our public key you may use an application such as GnuPG, PGP, or GPGTools. This encryption is one way so that once you encrypt the information only we have the ability to decrypt it. If you require assistance, please email us at without including the legal material, or contact your information technology personnel. The time impact of this requirement is minimal and your information technology department will be able to help you quickly complete the process.

Excluding only cases in which a nondisclosure requirement is included by a court of law we will immediately notify any parties for whom we have responsive data. We reserve the right to disclose the complete request to them and any communications between you and Yuri’s Night. We will deny requests that are overly broad. Absent a proper and valid legal demand authorized by a court of law we are unable to service any request for information pertaining to any user.

If you would prefer not to or are unable to encrypt your request prior to transmission, you are required to send your documents to our address on file with the California Secretary of State. We may refuse electronic submissions that are not encrypted.

Once you have encrypted the documents please email them to for processing. The Yuri’s Night Terms of Service require this procedure; transmitting sensitive information without first ensuring it’s security is professionally and ethically reckless and may subject you to civil or criminal liability.

As Yuri’s Night is a United States company we will reject any non-U.S. legal requests.