Larry Nemecek

I literally work in “Trekland”, researching and sharing the fictional starships and factual soundstages of Star Trek : Author of the bestseller Star Trek: Next Generation Companion and Stellar Cartography maps/book set, founder of PORTAL 47 monthly deep-dive fan experiences and Trekland TREKS film-site day tours, host of  THE TREK FILES weekly podcast for Roddenberry, eyewitness to years of Star Trek production at Paramount, and featured across the Center Seat 10-part History Channel  docuseries. And now with Trekland Tuesdays LIVE is into its seventh streaming year, new shorts series Second Opinion and Cadet Alice, I was was awarded the 2022 Nucleon Award and inducted into the Oklahoma Speculative Fiction Hall of Fame by fellow native Okies of the non-profit Future Society of Central Oklahoma. I am also honored to serve as a founding Advisory Board member for the new Nichelle Nichols Foundation.