Art display by JonLouis Studio

JonLouis Art Studio


 “Man: a being in search of meaning.” 
– Plato

I take full responsibility with what I create- my goal as an artist is to expand that message through as many forms and mediums as I physically can. This career has taught me the power and importance of being able to create something other people gravitate and connect with- it is a god given opportunity to be a messenger for all who are also in search of meaning in this world.

The Astronauts in my pieces are just a mere reflection of ourselves- humans. We are all on a journey we call “life” discovering deep within ourselves. In search of meaning, connection and a strong sense of belonging. I hope that those who cross paths with my art develop an experience that keeps them curious and inspired- it is the essence of human existence. To keep developing and learning- in order to improve ourselves and the world around us. I believe that the same way that astronauts are sent on missions to improve life for humanity, we are on that same mission every day. If we can search deep enough, we can find the hope and life we need to share with others.

“As an artist, I want to be great- not just by doing great but by giving greatly.”