Dr Chrispy

Dr. Chrispy (AKA Chris Boshuizen) is an award-winning astronaut, aerospace engineer, music producer and songwriter. In his day job, Chris worked at NASA inventing new kinds of spacecraft, before co-founding the space company, Planet Labs. Planet Labs has launched over 500 satellites that map the entire world and its environment every single day, giving us new tools for consciously stewarding our planet. In 2021 Chris flew to space on Blue Origin’s NS-18 Mission alongside Star Trek legend William Shatner. 
As Dr Chrispy, he runs a music studio in San Francisco where he writes and produces music for himself and a number of other artists. His 2018 debut album, VHS, was a top 10 album on Russian Charts! He has featured more than 20 other artists on his label, Interplanetary Records, including a notable collaboration with famed British actor Stephen Fry celebrating the dawn of democratic access to space. 
As a child, Chris was as equally drawn to music and sound as he was to space. Playing computer games with his friends he was inspired by the dramatic music from Commodore 64 and Amiga games. He would twist his friends’ arms into letting him use their computers to program music, and later, starting composing on the Atari and Macintosh computers at his high school.  In the second year of University, Chris was finally able to buy his own computer, but doing school work on it was an afterthought. Instead he built an audio workstation complete with an 8-channel studio sound card and mixing desk, and set about learning studio engineering and mixing. 
Eventually the workstation got replaced by a laptop, and as his space career took off, Chris began a habit of creating music while traveling. For the last 5 years, Chris has been in a prolific phase of lyric writing, composing and producing. His new songs explore themes ranging from inspiration and dreams, to tackling the world’s hard problems, to the meaning of life and our place in the universe. His goal as an artist is to connect music and tech, and bring a message of hope and empowerment to his audience. 
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