DeLaina Yancey

DeLaina Yancey lives in Huntsville AL and studies Aerospace structures manufacturing and welding. She works in propulsion at Engineering Research and Consulting at Redstone Arsenal. She helps refine capabilities, technologies, and processes that guard national security, and advance space flight exploration. DeLaina also educates students, adults, and groups at the US Space & Rocket Center, teaching aviation, and space, and participates in USSRC outreach. She had the privilege to work with the first Austin Hatcher Foundation’s Cosmic Odyssey scholarship recipients and witness firsthand the impact this opportunity brings to children and their families. It’s incredible! DeLaina is an executive board member of The Inspired 24 non-profit and leads the team with events. I24’s mission is to democratize space for all and make space exploration and travel for everyone. She also serves as a mission specialist to the Nautnormal non-profit organization, bringing space flight curriculum and opportunities to participate in simulated astronaut training to high school students. In addition, she assists with grant coordination for The Mars Initiative, helping support space education and getting humans to Mars. DeLaina will also serve on the 2023 Space Gala Steering committee for Reinvented Magazine. A non-profit that strives to reinvent the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for women worldwide. Breaking the barrier to aid in the movement to get more girls involved in STEM ☆