Christina Korp

Christina Korp is an astronaut manager, space advisor, founder of SPACE For a Better World and the president of Purpose Entertainment. For ten years she managed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and launched his foundations – ShareSpace and the Aldrin Family Foundation. She produced the last five galas at Kennedy Space Center celebrating Apollo 11 and the Webby winning and Emmy nominated,Cycling Pathways to Mars VR experience.

In May of 2022 Christina produced the AIM HIGHER GALA at the Science Museum in London with 11 astronauts from around the world celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 16 and the 1st annual Space Oscars. She works with Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, former NASA astronauts Nicole Stott, Susan Kilrain and Inspiration4 Mission Pilot and SpaceX astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor, Egyptian, Astronaut Sara Sabry and S Korean astronaut Soyeon Yi. 

I’m June of 2022 she will produce #AimHigher Romania with 3 days of events to inspire through the awe and wonder of exploration and how space benefits life on Earth as well as showcase career pathways to space  

Christina is passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity in space and tech. She founded SPACE For a Better World in 2020 to highlights the ways space benefits all life on Earth and how it could be the key to solving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.