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Two Huge Parties, Two Shuttles, Too Awesome!

The global Yuri’s Night team is very excited this year to help host two HUGE events on both the East & West coasts of the United States while supporting hundreds of other events worldwide!
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Party Profile: University of Arizona SEDS

Ready to celebrate Yuri’s Night tonight? In Tucson, Arizona, the University of Arizona’s chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space certainly is, as their stylish black-and-white poster proclaims. Carmen Austin, the poster
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Yuri's Night DC Goes Weightless With Zero Gravity Corp

To kick off the Yuri’s Night DC celebrations, the Arlington, VA, based Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G) took a couple of Yuri’s Night shirts on a recent Weightless Experience aboard the company’s specially-modified Boeing 727 airc
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Party Report: Washington, DC at NASA Goddard

(From YN Media Relations Team Member Brice Russ) Yesterday evening, I made the trip down from Philadelphia  to Washington, DC to help out as a volunteer for Yuri’s Night DC at NASA Goddard, one of our first events for 2009. I’m pleased t

Double Party Profile: Houston, TX and Space Coast, FL

On the eve of Yuri’s Night, we bring you two Party Profiles from two of the most iconic locations in the history of space exploration: Houston, Texas and the Space Coast of Florida. Yuri’s Night Houston has traditionally been one of the m
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Party Profile: Washington, DC

From the desk of Countdown to Yuri’s Night: On April 11, 2009, ABJ Productions hosts its second Yuri’s Night, an extravaganza of other-worldly magnitude. This year’s event, entitled Countdown to Yuri’s Night, combines visual art, performa
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Have photos from Yuri's Night 2008?

  If you have photos from last years Yuri’s Night events, please share them on the Yuri’s Night Flickr Group: If you are on Facebook, join the YN Facebook Group:
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Yuri's Night affiliating with International Year of Astronomy

Careful watchers of the Yuri’s Night Calendar might have already noticed this, but we haven’t yet made an official announcement. This makes us very overdue to note that this year, Yuri’s Night will be affiliating with the Internatio
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International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

Title: International Sidewalk Astronomy Night Location: International Link out: Click here Description: Clubs around the world are participating in this annual event of stellar and planetary viewing–will your YN event be one of them? Date: 2009
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100 Hours of Astronomy

Title: 100 Hours of Astronomy Location: International Link out: Click here Description: 100 hours of round-the-clock public astronomical events and skywatching sessions. Start Date: 2009-04-02 End Date: 2009-04-05
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