Beth Mund

Beth Mund

Beth Mund. Analog Astronaut, Podcast Host, Chief Narrative Officer and Executive Director of the STORIES of Space Project

As space and science communicator, Beth helps people understand the connection between our advancements in space exploration, and how they improve our live on Earth.

Beth is the Chief Narrative Officer at Stellar Communications, helping organizations discover, design and deliver inspirational science- based narratives. Beth is also the Executive Director of the STORIES of Space, a open-source, global project where she and her team deliver stories about space and launch them into space.  Beth began her NASA career as a public affairs officer for the Johnson Space Center, and later served as a communications manager for the International Space Station program. She is a visiting professor at International Space University. Beth spent over a month in Poland in an isolation study and lunar-simulation, completing her second analog astronaut mission.  Her first analog was a Mars simulation in 2021 at Hawaii’s HI-SEAS research center, where she had the privilege of serving on an all-female crew, along with Inspiration4 astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor.

Beth has 20+ years of speech writing and executive coaching for Fortune 50 companies including Motorola, Allstate and United Airlines.  A keynote speaker, podcast host, writer and often quoted industry expert, Beth invites space enthusiasts to become advocates by sharing the case studies, research and lessons learned in the space industry.

Beth served as the host and emcee of the 2020 Space Com Expo global space commerce event, and continues to co-host the Humans to Mars Summit with Mat Kaplan.  She currently serves on the Space Camp Alumni Board, and a founding member of the Space Drinks Association Board.

Beth is the host and creator of the Casual Space Podcast, sharing candid and insightful conversations each week with astronauts, engineers, and space industry leaders. Her latest projects, analog missions and podcast episodes can be found at