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YN09 Wrapup: Yuri's Night in the Media

Even with our maps and our party counters, it can be difficult sometimes to see just how massive and global a celebration Yuri’s Night is each year. It might help, as we continue to wind down our Yuri’s Night 2009 festivities, to take a l
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Yuri's Night 2009: Wrapup Post

Nearly a week after the last official day for Yuri’s Night events, we’re finally beginning to catch our breath and look back at the more than 200 (a new record!) parties and events that have been held around the world. Not to say that we&
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Happy Yuri's Night!

Not too much to report this late in the big day, so this post is just to say happy Yuri’s Night to everyone who’s been following us and having a great time at our events. Stay tuned later this week for a wrapup post with the appropriate u
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Party Profile: Yuri's Night Tokyo

With more than two dozen events (pushing us over the 200-party mark!) being added to the Yuri’s Night calendar in the last few days, it’s clear that there are plenty of groups out there that are interested in holding their event on the or
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Party Profile: Yuri's Night Germany

Most of our Party Profiles to date have focused on events taking place in the United States, but it’s extremely important to remember that Yuri’s Night is, first and foremost, a global event being celebrated in dozens of countries around
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Party Profile: San Francisco

San Francisco has been home to Yuri’s Night’s flagship event since 2007, as the NASA Ames Center brought thousands of guests together from across the Bay Area for technology exhibitions, video game demonstrations, performance dance, live
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Yuri's Night Halftime Report

It’s hard to believe, but there are only four days left for Yuri’s Night 2009! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on so far: Yuri’s Night is the topic of Discovery Space’s most recent “Wide AngleR
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How To Follow Yuri's Night 2009

So let’s say you’re in the unfortunate position of being hours away from the nearest Yuri’s Night party, or yours has already come and gone–but you still want more. With 171 events officially registered four days into YN09, it
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Party Profile: Boulder, Colorado

The University of Colorado chapter of SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) is gearing up for another exciting installment of Yuri’s Night Boulder. Last year’s event proved to be a rousing success, gaining worldwide
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Party Report: Washington, DC at NASA Goddard

(From YN Media Relations Team Member Brice Russ) Yesterday evening, I made the trip down from Philadelphia  to Washington, DC to help out as a volunteer for Yuri’s Night DC at NASA Goddard, one of our first events for 2009. I’m pleased t