Frequent Questions about Yuri’s Night Profiles

1. What is a Yuri’s Night Profile? Why do I need one?

A Yuri’s Night Profile is your user account at Yuri’s Night. With your Profile you will be able to login, add, and edit events.

2. Do I need to make a new Profile every year?

No. Your Yuri’s Night Profile will last throughout the current year and beyond. There is no need to register a new account each year.

3. How does the Yuri’s Night Profile differ from Mission Control Center Accounts?

The Mission Control Center is no longer available. If you had an MCC Account that used a username and password you may create a new account here. If you used a social media service to sign in, you may continue to do so.

4. Are my events from the Mission Control Center available here?

Not yet. We’re working on importing events from the MCC to the new website. If you use an account here with the same email address as your account on the MCC then your old events will show up in time.

5. Will signing up for a Profile add me to an email list?

No. By singing up for a Yuri’s Night Profile you are simply creating an account on our website. We leave you to decide for yourself when we communicate with you. If you wish to receive email updates you may register for the newsletter in the footer of any page on the site. You may unsubscribe at any time by going here →

6. Is there any problem with using an disposable email address?

While we don’t prohibit disposable email address sign up, we would prefer that you refrain from using such an email address. Some disposable email providers may recycle their addresses and that could create privacy issues. Further, our Privacy Policy states that we will never sell your email address. The only time you will hear from Yuri’s Night if you don’t subscribe to our newsletter is if we need to send you important account information, such as for a password reset.

7. When I try to sign in I receive a message that says “ERROR: Login failed because your IP address has been blocked. Please contact the administrator.” What do I do?

This happens when your password is entered incorrectly too many times. If this has happened you may unlock your account by clicking Request Unlock here →

If you do not see the Request Unlock option but are still receiving this error please email us at