2023 Online AUCTION

Proceeds from the auction benefit The Cosmic Odyssey Scholarship, sending families affected by pediatric cancer
on an incredible trip to to US Space Camp in Huntsville, AL! Each weekend includes visits by US Space Camp Hall of Fame members and alumni in addition to traditional Space Camp missions and activities. Scholarship families have time to bond with other families in similar pediatric cancer situations and hear from Space Camp alumni who are also cancer survivors. 

Travel, hotel, food, and Space Camp experiences are all provided at no cost to the families.

To date, we have sent 64 people across 17 families to US Space Camp. Help us send another 16 people in 2023!

Click here for more information about the Scholarship.

Bidding Ends April 30th @ Midnight PST (UTC -7)

The Cosmic Odyssey Scholarship is a creation of Niko Blanks with support from The SpaceKind FoundationYuri’s Night, and the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.

Thank you to everyone that has donated, participated in our fundraising auctions, and helped support the scholarship families. YOU make this all possible. 

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