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2011 — Expedition 27 crew sends a Yuri’s Night greeting from the International Space Station.

2011 — Interviews with Bill Nye, astronaut Ron Garan, and others which were used in our OpenLuna Video Contest, won by the “50 Years of Spaceflight in 50 Seconds” video.

2011 — Our I Celebrate Yuri’s Night Project features more footage of space celebrities discussing why they celebrate YN.

The film First Orbit, created by Chris Riley in association with Yuri’s Night, uses orbital footage from the International Space Station to reproduce the view of Earth that Yuri Gagarin saw on his historic flight. First Orbit can be purchased from their website or viewed for free on YouTube.

The Humans In Space Art Competition and Yuri’s Night are proud to present the work of young artists from around the world, for you to use in your events. Get it here.

Global Podcast 2010 : 10th Annual World Space Party

In 2010, Yuri’s Night ran a series of Global Podcast Videos featuring toasts to Yuri Gagarin and Yuri’s Night by legends and luminaries from across the space industry. Check out all 32 videos below.

Inaugural Podcast – Ryan L. Kobrick Podcast 2 – George and Loretta Whitesides
Podcast 3 – Joe Tanner Podcast 4 – Jim Voss
Podcast 5 – Wendell Mendell Podcast 6 – Eric Anderson
Podcast 7 – Alan Stern Podcast 8 – Masten Space Systems
Podcast 9 – Taber MacCallum Podcast 10 – Grant Anderson
Podcast 11 – 이소연 Soyeon Yi Podcast 12 – Ken Davidian
Podcast 13 – Blast from the Past Podcast 14 – Lesa Roe
Podcast 15 – Gregg Maryniak Podcast 16 – Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Podcast 17 – Homer Hickam Podcast 18 – Sanjoy Som
Podcast 19 – Leonard & Barbara David Podcast 20 – Space Tweep Society
Podcast 21 – Miles O’Brien & Leroy Chiao Podcast 22 – Charlie Bolden & Lori Garver
Podcast 23 – Frank White Podcast 24 – Dr. Kiki Sanford
Podcast 25 – Peter Diamandis Podcast 26 – Seth Shostak
Podcast 27 – XPF Special Prizes Team Podcast 28 – Richard Garriott
Podcast 29 – Rick Tumlinson Podcast 30 – Bob Crippen
Podcast 31 – International Space Station Podcast 32 – Mike Simpson

Note: The Global Podcast Videos have been removed from iTunes. If you would like to download the videos, click here (.zip, 917MB). If you downloaded the complete archive of videos prior to January 2nd, 2013, your copy of podcast 13 “Blast from the Past” is corrupted. You may download a replacement copy here.