Projects and Contests

Each year, Yuri’s Night fans from around the world come together to help promote space in our projects and contests. Check out some of the results below!

Celebrate Yuri’s Night with Miles!

Disney Junior and Yuri’s Night teamed up to bring the hit Miles from Tomorrowland to families and classrooms around the world in April 2016. More information coming soon.

#BeAnAstronaut Patches

Celebrating the 18,300 NASA Astronaut applicants and their reach for the stars, these Critical Space Hardware patches for everyone were a limited run in April 2016. We’ll keep in touch with you throughout fulfillment. Find the latest update on your #BeAnAstronautPatch →

“A Call To Humanity” Space Ad Contest
We were looking for a powerful and inspiring print ad that would move people to think about space and support humanity’s future among the stars. Amsterdam’s Alex Herwig, our Grand Prize winner, received a “zero-G” flight in Russia and $1,000 travel voucher! Download Alex’s poster on our Resources page.

OpenLuna Video Contest
OpenLuna donated $500 to the best tribute video celebrating the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight in 2011. Congrats to Paul Jones of New Zealand and his “50 years of spaceflight in 50 seconds”!

I Celebrate Yuri’s Night Because…
Why do you celebrate Yuri’s Night? Take a look at some of our video responses from author Homer Hickam, NASA Ames Director Pete Worden, and other space leaders and pioneers!

Yuri’s Night Flashback
In 2012, we asked people to post their favorite pictures and videos from the last 12 years of Yuri’s Night. Take a look at the 5 winners here, and check out the other awesome entries at Yuri’s Night Live!

Russian Space Tour Sweepstakes
The Russian Space Tour Sweepstakes was a chance to win a tour of the past and present of the Russian space program and watch a Soyuz liftoff from the steppes of Kazakhstan from Baikonur! Congrats to our winner, Patrick K. of Southport, England. Read more about the Sweepstakes here; rules and regulations governing the sweepstakes are available here.