Yuris Night YYC

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Date(s) - Sun, Apr 12 2020 - Mon, Apr 13 2020
4:00 pm - 2:00 am UTC

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Event Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/yurisnightyyc

Yuris Night YYC
PO Box 68147, RPO Crowfoot

Small private event at my Apartment / Studio. Host Ripudaman Randhawa
Details : While we are celebrating Yuri’s spaceflight around the Earth, we are also celebrating, Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian Cosmonaut, to venture into space and broadcast live from Space aboard Soyuz T-11 docked with Salyut-7, launched on April 2, 1984 and landed on April 11, streamed on Doordarshan, Indian TV.
18+ event, Indian food and appetisers. A space movie night, 2001 : A space Odyssey, also; depending on the weather, we might bring out our small telescopes and binoculars to look into the skies. ISS Above, live streaming of earth views; followed by open conversation about peaceful space exploration. If there is a live stream from Yuri’s Night LA, we could tune into it as well.