Yuri's Night Koeln 2017

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Date(s) - Sat, Apr 22 2017
12:00 pm - 11:30 pm CEST

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Event Website: www.yurisnight.de

Odysseum Cologne
Corintostraße 1

Yuri’s Night Koeln 2017 will bring a day full of space adventures to the Odysseum in Cologne for the second time.

Starting at noon, the adventure and science Museum Odysseum will open a special event area for Yuri’s Night, filled with exciting exhibits, demonstrations and fun adventures around space exploration. This area is jointly created by Odysseum and Yuri’s Night Germany with the support of the German Space Agency (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA). It will feature e.g. miniature robots operated on a Mars-like environment, a mini drop-tower for microgravity experiments, live camera footage from the ISS, insights into infrared astronomy, and much more.

Starting at 18h00, we take the event to the next level with a podium discussion on the future of human spaceflight with astronauts and space experts. Our central topic will be “Moon – the 8th continent”, with many interesting clips and questions around it.

Starting at 21h00, we invite everyone for a Meet & Greet with the experts in the HoteLux russian restaurant and bar in Cologne,  to celebrate the World Space Party with open end.

Looking forward to seeing you at Yuri’s Night Koeln 2017 on 22 April.