R is for Rocket

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Date(s) - Fri, Apr 12 2019
8:30 pm - 11:30 pm CET

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R is for Rocket

It happened on April 12 1961. The first rocket man orbited the Earth. His name was Yuri Gagarin.
For the people of Earth he was a hero, bringing hope that human endeavour can bring better future to the world.
For the Soviet government he was a device to win Space Race beetween the SU and the US.
It was a golden hour of Space Age, an epoch of exploration of the world outside and the amplitude of thought.

In that era that lasted till early 1980’s the art, the music, the architecture brought Space to ordinary people’s dreams, if not lives. Common Earthlings would hang a portrait of Gagarin or a Sci-fi painting on their walls and dream of Space travel. The most popular books around the globe were written by Ray Bradbury and Ivan Efremov.

In our time of digital revolution Space exploration is boosted thanx to the capitalist competition and the likes of Elon Musk. But the whole idelaistic idea of humanity reaching out for space in peace was destroyed already in the early 80’s when Reagan’s initiatiated his Star Wars program of rocket defence. It never returned to the earthling’s hearts. Yet.

As true Children of Space Age, on Friday April 12 we’ll celebrate this unforgettable endevour of humanity and provide an evening filled with sounds, music and visuals.

Talk: Maxim Goldfinger about growing up in the USSR at the peak of Space Age
Live Frame 25
DJ Dr. Goldfinger

Tickets 5 euro