"Let's Go" to the Stars!!!

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Date(s) - Sat, Apr 08 2017
4:00 pm - 11:30 pm EST

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Event Website: http://kanawhalibrary.org/calendar/lets-go-to-the-stars/?r_day=8&r_month=4&r_year=2017#

Camp Virgil Tate
1400 camp Virgil Tate Rd
West Virginia

The Kanawha Valley Astronomy Society in association with the Kanawha County present Let’s Go to the Stars. Yuri’s Night 2017

This year we have several special guests including a completion robotics team. A member of WVSOAR will have a static display of model rockets and will fly weather permitting. Local hang glider pilots will have several gliders on display and you will have the opportunity to “Hook in” and learn more about this amazing NASA spin off. The library is planning several activities for kids! You need to go to the Cross lanes website and register to take part. At dusk, follow the scale model of the solar system up to the KVAS’s Breezy Point observatory and see the night sky!

Come join for a day of space fun!!!
“LETS GO!!!”
Yuri Gagarin