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Date(s) - Fri, Jun 14 2019 - Sat, Jun 15 2019
6:00 pm - 5:00 am GMT

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20 Upper Circular Road
The Riverwalk

A unique concept club right in the middle of Singapore, this rough, industrial themed venue will pique your curiosity for sure. The Canvas nightclub is a fantastic space, which may look a little bare on the outside, but that holds a huge amount of potential within its walls.

The decor is, as mentioned, sparse and industrial. The bare concrete, geometric ceiling, and exposed rigging gives the feel of the pop up rave clubs and dance clubs from decades ago, and the reflective surfaces make the room seem much bigger than it already is, which is pretty big. The seating is plain and geometric as well, in smooth matt black, to continue to lightly reflect the room, enhancing the general bareness and industrial feel. A photo wall provides a beautiful accent for the club, reminding party goers about what it is truly meant to be about: the people and the scene.

However all this bareness makes it the perfect place for a great night of dancing and enjoying the music. For starters, the acoustics at the Canvas club are out of this world. The local DJs are by no means great celebrities, but they are well known locally for producing amazing beats, and the walls at this trendy Canvas club are perfect for bouncing those tunes right back, creating an immersive experience.

The lighting is perfect too. Because of the bareness of the concrete, without too much reflection, the lights have plenty of surface to spread over, creating a cool and funky glow that immerses the entire room. The lighting is both flattering, and fun.

There is more than enough space to dance and to mingle. This is not a venue where you will meet famous people, or the richest and finest people in Singapore. Rather, this is a place where creative types and young people will gather for a night of pure fun, dancing, and energy. It is definitely more about the scene, the music, and the people than about being seen or splashing cash.

If you are looking for fun attractions near The Riverwalk in Singapore, this has to be on your list. It is not an expensive night out at all, and you will have a great time with real local artists. There is a modest cover fee for getting in, however you can often skip that if you are on the guest list. Nothing is a guarantee, though, so make sure to carry some spare notes in case they are having a busy night and you’re taking forever to get in. The drinks themselves are fairly cheap, and they often offer a free drink to people on the guest list or to energetic young women who are well dressed and cheerful.

The venue also hosts a wide range of events and attractions, so keep an eye out for announcements, because you never know what sort of a night they may be holding, and it might be fun to show up and take in the scene.

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