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Jason CranfordTeague (YN Account)

Find a Yuri's Night Party, NOW!

Find a Yuri’s Night Party Near You! Yuri’s Night is proud to announce the YN2009 Find a Party Map is now live and ready for use. Site designer Jason Cranford Teague and developer Rocky Persaud have retooled the map for this year allowing visi
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Follow Yuri Online

Are you a social butterfly online? Well, so is Yuri’s Night. We are on all of the major social networking sites (and a few of the not so major), making it easy for you to stay in the loop on everything that’s happening this year and beyon
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Yuri's Night 2009

Title: Yuri’s Night 2009 Location: Earth Link out: Click here Description: Yuri’s Night is a celebration of humanity’s achievements in space. Each April 12, people from around the world come together to mark the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin
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Yuri's Night 2009 Party Registration Now Open!

The Yuri’s Night 2009 Party Registration Page is now live! Please visit: to officially register your Yuri’s Night party. All registrations are being handled manually at this point, so w
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Yuri's Night 2009 Coming Soon!

Thanks to everyon for subscribing, and Yuri’s Night 2009 will be coming soon. Right now, the sites a bit of a mess, but to check out what’s coming, check out our Internet Strategist’s recent blog post on plans for this years Yuri
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