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Brice Russ

Brice Russ is the Assistant Director of Yuri's Night.

Join Yuri's Night this Wednesday for "New Visions For Space"!

One of Yuri’s Night’s goals is to empower the next generation of space leaders–some of our leaders have gone on to work for, or even run, organizations like the National Space Society, Armadillo Aerospace, Astronauts4Hire, and even
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Registration discounts for the Humans to Mars Summit

Last summer, Yuri’s Night teamed up with Explore Mars to celebrate the successful landing of the Curiosity rover at over 50 “landing parties” worldwide. Now, Explore Mars is hosting the “Humans To Mars Summit” (or H2M),
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Chris Hadfield: space rockstar

At Yuri’s Night, we like to highlight the awesome work that people are doing to get the world interested in space exploration. It’d be hard to find many people who’ve done more to further this cause over the last couple of months th
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Yuri's Night Partners With We Want Our Future For Postcard Contest

Update: The WWOF Postcard Contest deadline has been updated to March 25th! Get your events going!   (A special update from Nicholas De Leon, our Director of Special Projects:) In celebration of the 52nd anniversary of human spaceflight and Yuri Gaga
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Yuri's Night signs MOU agreements with Janet's Planet, Moonandback

One of our goals at Yuri’s Night is to help tell the world about the awesomeness of space and space exploration, and we’re always looking for ways that we can help others do the same. This is why we’re proud to announce that Yuri
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Party registration is live!

That’s right–as of today, registration for Yuri’s Night 2013 is officially open for business! Just head on over to and fill in the requested information to sign up your event as part of this year’s fest
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The Yuri's Night website is up; check out our Cyber Monday sale!

That’s right–at long last, our much-anticipated, brand-new Yuri’s Night website is up and running! As you’ve probably figured out by now, you can navigate through the pages with the menu at the top or by using your left and ri
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Yuri's Night 2013 registration coming soon, and other updates

April 12, 2013 is a little bit more than six months away, and we’re hard at work on getting Yuri’s Night up and running for this year’s parties. First off, we’re in the final stages of updating our website and event registrati
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How far would you go to celebrate space?

One of the most fantastic things about Yuri’s Night is how people celebrate it in so many different ways. Whether you’re talking about the future of spaceflight with friends at a backyard barbecue, dancing and stargazing the night away at
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