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Brice Russ

Brice Russ is the Assistant Director of Yuri's Night.

YN13 Wrapup: The Yuri's Night Rundown

Yuri’s Night 2013 was so huge this year, we had a tough time keeping track of the awesome things that were being done to celebrate space around the globe. To make sure that you’re caught up, here’s an Earth Day update for this year&
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YN13 Wrapup: Check Out Yuri's Night Live!

Yuri’s Night is far from over, but with hundreds of space parties in the books for 2013, we figured it was about time to start taking a look back at some of this year’s highlights. We’ll start with Yuri’s Night Live, our user-
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Yuri's Night is still going strong!

This weekend, tens of thousands of people came together to celebrate humanity’s past, present, and future in space–but Yuri’s Night 2013 is far from over! Rocking The Planet Saturday night at Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Ce
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RELEASE: Yuri’s Night Celebrates More than a Half Century of Human Exploration of Space

April 12, 2013 – Today, the world marks 52 years since Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight into space and 32 years since the first launch of the Space Shuttle. Scientists, artists, educators, and fans of space will be celebrating these milestones
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Rock The *Planets*–Yuri's Night is on Mars

To celebrate the start of April 12, we’ve got a huge announcement to make: we’re hosting Yuri’s Night on Mars! Seriously! Our first ever Yuri’s Night on another world is being held today (Friday) in Yellowknife Bay on MarsR
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Follow Yuri's Night online this Friday!

We’re up to 324(!) Yuri’s Night parties in 50 countries for 2013–but what if there isn’t one near you? Never fear! We’ll be bringing Yuri’s Night to you with live video of events from around the world. The fun begi
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Greetings from astronaut Chris Hadfield!

To help us celebrate space around the world this April, we’re honored to bring greetings from a very special guest–astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently orbiting Earth in the International Space Station. (Direct link:
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Ask Yuri's Night Anything, then Tame The Fire

Ever had anything you wanted to learn about Yuri’s Night, but never got the chance? Well, here it is! Our Executive Director, Ryan Kobrick, will be taking part in an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session on the social-news site reddit tom
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1 week to Yuri's Night!

We’re only seven days away from April 12th, the 52nd anniversary of human spaceflight! Some parties are starting as soon as this weekend, though, so if you haven’t yet, make sure to look through our party list to see what’s going on
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