Team 2012

Every year, a small group of individuals, usually around 20-30, gather to help create Yuri’s Night. In the words of Tim Bailey, our CFO, “if it wasn’t for the Global Executive Team, it wouldn’t happen.”

We give you the Yuri’s Night 2012 Global Executive Team.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is charged with overall strategy, guidance, and governance.
Loretta Hidalgo-Whitesides, Co-Creator and Adviser
Ryan Kobrick, Ph.D., Executive Director
Tim Bailey, Assistant Director and Chief Financial Officer
Brice Russ, Assistant Director and Chair of Media Relations
Chris Lewicki, Technology Adviser to the Board

Operations Team
The Operations Team is responsible for strategy and overall day to day operations. Team leaders are also members of the Operations Team.
Ryan Kobrick, Ph.D., Operations Lead
Tim Bailey, Chief Financial Officer
Nicholas de Leon, Chief Strategist
Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto, Director of Marketing
Greg Wagner, Contest Manager
Cariann Higginbotham, Queen Swagger
Carolyn Belle, Director of Awesome
Marcia Fiamengo, Special Projects
Alan Steinberg, Special Projects
John Ferreira, Special Projects

Media Relations
The Media Relations Team is responsible for press and media relations, social networking, and web presence.
Brice Russ, Media Team Chair
Jen Scheer, Director of Social Media
David Parmet, Web Content
Rick Hanton, Web Content

Outreach Team
The Outreach Team is responsible for outreach and evangelism on the local, regional, national, and international scales.
H. Aziz Kayıhan, Co-Director of Outreach
Ray Sanders, Co-Director of Outreach
Rayna Hall, US Regional Outreach
Sudeep Neupane, International Outreach
Glen Lehmitz, Virtual Outreach
Cat Aboudara, Science Center Outreach
Mikayla Diesch, Middle and High School Outreach
Abby Dickes, College Outreach
Dorian Bozicevic, European Regional Outreach
Nur Liyana Che Md Azim, Asia Regional Outreach
Amin Jamshidi, Middle Eastern Regional Outreach
Serkan Yıldız, Middle Eastern Regional Outreach
Nouf Al-Jalaud, Middle Eastern Regional Outreach
Robert Osband, Space Coast (Florida) Relations

Digital Operations
The Digital Operations Team is responsible for technology, web presence, and infrastructure in support of the Global Executive Team.
Jeffrey Alles, Master of Electrons/Chief Information Officer
Jen Scheer, Director of Social Media
Rick Hanton, Blog Editor
David Parmet, Blog Editor
Brian Simmons, Special Projects/Webcast Coordination
Rocky Persaud, Geospacial Code

See the 2011 Global Executive Team.