Nicholas De Leon

Nicholas first heard about Yuri’s Night from the co-founder herself, Loretta Hidalgo-Whitesides, during his time with the NASA Academy at Ames Research Center in 2009 and couldn’t wait to keep the party going. He got his start with the Global team in 2011 as Chief Strategist. He has been involved with the core leadership team ever since, having served as Director of Event Expansion, Director of Applied Sciences, and now as its Chief of Staff.

His overarching goal is to hasten the time when humans are efficiently exploring space by developing the materials necessary
to achieve this. He has worked on the welding of rockets with United Launch Alliance, flexible heat shield development with NASA, and thermal mechanical characterization of rocket engine materials for his doctoral thesis. He spends is spare time working with as many spacey organizations that can fit, which includes being on the executive council of the NASA Academy Alumni Association since 2010 and an advisor to the inaugural SEDS chapter at the University of Alabama.

Nicholas received his B.S. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (with a Mathematics minor) from the University of Alabama and is on the final throes of his doctorate.