The Global Nonpartisan Mission of Yuri’s Night

(EARTH) — Yuri’s Night is a global non-profit organization dedicated to using the excitement and inspiration of space as a catalyst for educating and developing the next generation of explorers. As a globally diverse organization, our team has watched the political situation that has developed between Ukraine and Russia. Due particularly to the political conflict in Ukraine, we have watched some sponsors pull out of events, and individuals decide to boycott Yuri’s Night 2014.


Our team respects the choices of those sponsors and individuals that do not wish to associate with Yuri’s Night at this time, but hope that they realize that Yuri’s Night transcends national borders and politics around the world. Human spaceflight is a human story, not one of any single nation.

Yuri’s Night was founded on a set of guiding principles that are grounded in a call from the planet’s first space explorer for all of us on Spaceship Earth to come together to enhance and protect our pale blue dot. Our name honors Yuri Gagarin as the first human to orbit the Earth on April 12, 1961. Although Yuri was a cosmonaut and soldier in the USSR, our cause is not nationalistic or political in any sense. In fact, Yuri’s Night also celebrates the first launch of the United States Space Shuttle on April 12, 1981.

Yuri’s Night is a global cause powered by innumerable individuals from all political backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. Independent event organizers create celebrations of all kinds in countries all over the world. Together, we are so much more than our national allegiances or our ethnic backgrounds. As a species, we have unlimited potential.

Our goal is simple: catalyze the world to set aside a day to dream about where we’re going, to explore where we are, and to celebrate where we’ve been. We are working toward a day where we’ll see our collective potential used to collaborate instead of divide.

We invite everyone everywhere to join in. Poyekhali! Let’s go!

~ The Yuri’s Night Team