Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award

The Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award is the highest honor that can be given by the Yuri’s Night Board of Directors. Awarded once each year, the Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award recognizes “a person or persons that embody the Yuri’s Night mission of using space and art to contribute to the future of humanity, both in space and on Earth.”

Each Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award is uniquely designed and handcrafted from aerogels and other high-quality materials. Aerogels are a diverse class of ultralow density solids with properties unlike anything else. From superinsulation and supercapacitors to ultralight structures, sensors, and armor, aerogels make possible technologies that make our world better. Aerogel disks were used in the NASA Stardust mission to capture samples of cometary dust and return it to Earth for analysis!
Yuri’s Night thanks Aerogel Technologies, LLC and BuyAerogel.com for their generous support of the Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award.


Richard Garriott receives Spirit of Yuri's Night Award (Photo Credit: Sam Coniglio)
2010: Richard Garriott – for his unique efforts to share the wonder of space and use his trip to space for science.
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2011: Ron Garan – for his insights on the Orbital Perspective.
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2012: Dr. Pete Worden – for his support of innovative public outreach including Yuri’s Night Bay Area events.
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2013: Commander Chris Hadfield and the Canadian Space Agency – for combining artistry and spaceflight and supporting Yuri’s Night from the ISS.
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Bill Nye Spirit of Yuri's Night2014: Bill Nye and the Planetary Society – for using science and art to change the world!
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2015: Dr. Alan Stern – for his hugely successful New Horizons outreach and support of Yuri’s Night.
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Sascha Paladino Spirit of Yuri's Night
2016: Sascha Paladino – for sharing the spirit of Yuri’s Night with a new generation as producer of “Miles from Tomorrowland”.

2017: Anousheh Ansari – for her work to enable social entrepreneurs to bring about radical change globally, with organizations such as X Prize, ASHOKA and the PARSA Community Foundation.

She believes the key to a better future for humankind is in the hands of our young generation, and it is up to us to provide them with the right tools through education and as good role models. Through it all, Anousheh continues to quote Gandhi, one of her personal heroes, who said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Dancing Snoopy Medal

The Yuri’s Night Board of Directors also periodically awards the “Dancing Snoopy Medal”, a medallion recognizing exemplary effort by Yuri’s Night Executive Team members, event organizers, and other volunteers. The Dancing Snoopy Medal was inspired by the Silver Snoopy Award, given by NASA astronauts to individuals for outstanding achievements. Yuri’s Night thanks United Media, Universal Uclick, and Peanuts Worldwide, LLC, for their generous permission to use the Astronaut Snoopy design in this limited fashion.