Rick Hanton
Media Team Chair

Rick Hanton
Rick Hanton is currently the Media Director for Yuri’s Night.
Rick began helping Yuri’s Night with their website and social media in late 2011 after working for three years with SEDS-USA, a student partner group of Yuri’s Night. In 2012, Rick took over the position of Media Director from Brice Russ, who still works to advise Yuri’s Night from time to time.
Rick has a BS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and is working on a master’s degree there as well. Rick works as a software engineer for KUBRA Data Transfer Ltd, which provides mapping and communication software to utilities across the USA.
Rick likes to spend his free time having adventures with his wife, Cassia. If you are part of the media and want to find out more about Yuri’s Night in your area, please contact Rick or any of our executive team members for help in learning more about the Yuri’s Night event!