Two Huge Parties, Two Shuttles, Too Awesome!

The global Yuri’s Night team is very excited this year to help host two HUGE events on both the East & West coasts of the United States while supporting hundreds of other events worldwide!

KSC Space Shuttle AtlantisIf you live in the United States, you should know that there are two different large-scale Yuri’s Night events on both coasts:

The first event, which has been happening at the same location for many years alongside Space Shuttle Endeavour, is Yuri’s Night LA, which will happen the night of April 7 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, CA on the west coast. It will feature astronaut Nicole Stott (@astro_nicole), Bill Nye, and many more famous space ambassadors that you can meet in real life. It will also feature a ton of interactive events, demonstrations, and features for your to enjoy like a time-machine DeLorean, laser science demos, and live telescope streams. Adult beverages will be available all night long as well, so make sure to bring friends and get tickets soon!

The second event we are excited about this year, which will bring a second Space Shuttle into the Yuri’s Night family, is Yuri’s Night Space Coast alongside Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Center in FL. It will also feature astronaut Nicole Stott (@astro_nicole), many space ambassadors and awesome sponsors including some of the most forward-thinking companies currently working and launching payloads at Kennedy and Cape Canaveral. Also, tickets start at only $25, which is an awesome deal to see Atlantis in her spaceflight configuration if you’ve never had a chance – come celebrate and dance with us in Florida this year!

If you live in California and seek a more kid-friendly (no adult beverages) event, Yuri’s Night Kids will continue to be hosted by our team, again at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, CA. Come for a lot of awesome fun activities for kids including water-bottle and Estes rocket launches, robotics design labs, and their re-entry vehicle design challenge (2-story egg-drop).

If you aren’t near these events, we urge you to click this link to see ALL of our events worldwide to find one near you!

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