Have a VR Space Vacation Yuri’s Night

Mars 3DThe team here at Yuri’s Night was so excited by the idea of a virtual reality space vacation that we want to give as many people as possible a chance to experience it at their Yuri’s Night events. The fun folks at Guerilla Science have been working on a VR application to let you experience walking on the moon or flying in space – and they want Yuri’s Night participants to try it out!

So, if you have an iPhone and a rig to attach it to your head, go to the Guerilla Science website to sign up for the beta and use this as another thing to make your Yuri’s Night event awesome! Be sure to tell their team what you think and share your experience online using hashtags #spacevacation & #YurisNight.

Have fun rocking the planet this April!

Yuri's Night

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