$500 SEDS-USA Award for Most Awesome Yuri’s Night Party this April!

Yuri’s Night, the World Space Party, will award $500 to the SEDS-USA Chapter that hosts the most awesome Yuri’s Night Party on or around April 12, 2017. Chapters are encouraged to reach out to people from other departments to get involved: artists, musicians, biologists, meteorologists — anyone who loves space!

If you are looking for ways to be awesome and win this award, Yuri’s Night will take note of the number and variety of attendees, involvement of notable personalities, traditional and social media attention garnered (use hashtag #YurisNight), quality of graphic design, quality of photos of the event, and creativity in activities/decor etc. The award will be given at the SpaceVision 2017 conference in Florida in November.

Events must be primarily organized by a SEDS-USA chapter (it’s okay if you create a chapter at your college if you don’t have one – contact anandrao.biradar@seds.org) and registered on the Yuri’s Night website to be eligible for consideration. To nominate an event for consideration end an email to rachel@yurisnight.net with your school, event information and photos (or links to photos and coverage) by June 30, 2017. Also feel free to share photos with other events worldwide at live.yurisnight.net or on your favorite social networks like Twitter and Instagram.


Yuri's Night

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