Yuri’s Night Party Profile: Cologne, Germany

Throughout the years of Yuri’s Night (man, that feels a little weird to say), Germany has been one of the world leaders in hosting space celebrations. From Rostock to Stuttgart and beyond, Germany’s often been the place to be on April 12 — and that’s no less true this year with Yuri’s Night Cologne.

YN Cologne (“Köln” in the original German) just opened up for registration, and with support from the Germany Aerospace Center (DLR) and ESA, this looks to be a fantastic event. The time is April 16 and the place is “Odysseum“, and this science and adventure museum will be open all day from 10 AM to 7 PM (local time) for space fans. Kids and grownups are invited to attend, explore, and check out special exhibits about space and Mars.

Odysseum museum

In the evening, the focus shifts to “Mission Mars”, a 2-hour roundtable talk about the opportunities and challenges that lie in a mission to the red planet. The Martian is the starting point of discussion for an expert panel including astronaut Reinhold Ewald, planetary scientist Tilman Spohn and others.

To get your ticket for YN Cologne, or learn more about the other awesome events in Germany this year, visit www.yurisnight.de.

Yuri's Night

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