Rock the Planet with Yuri’s Night in 2016!

Time to start planning your Yuri’s Night party! Today, we’re officially opening up event registration for Yuri’s Night 2016.

In 2015, we celebrated Yuri’s Night in over 200 locations on all seven continents. Astronauts, astronomers, artists, and aficionados of space exploration came together around the world to commemorate our past, present and future in space. (Check out Yuri’s Night Live for a recap of all the year’s festivities.)

Let’s make Yuri’s Night even bigger in 2016. Register your party today — registration is free and gives you access to organizer-only updates and resources. Plus a highlight on the Yuri’s Night party map, if you like.

We’ll have plenty of announcements to make between now and April, so even if you’re not hosting a party this year, stay tuned! We’re looking forward to seeing you as we Rock The Planet in 2016.

Yuri's Night

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