Yuri’s Night Supports the Explorers at Virgin Galactic

Yuri’s Night was saddened to learn this afternoon of the tragic accident at Mojave during the testing of SpaceShipTwo. Updated reporting on the situation can be found at BBC News.

It is a disappointing fact that many advances in spaceflight are marred by human tragedy, but as most veterans of the space industry know, human spaceflight is difficult to achieve on the best of days. Virgin Galactic has been working hard to push the envelope of commercial space tourism and we hope that they will continue to do so after this accident.

The team at Yuri’s Night stands with Virgin Galactic during this trying time. Our thoughts are with the families of the pilots and with our colleagues who will work to learn from this tragedy. Despite the setbacks we encounter, together we will push forward and continue to reach the stars.

Ad astra per aspera.


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