Join the Yuri's Night Global Team in 2014!

Are you looking to build your experience in the space industry and work with a fantastic group of volunteers to help people celebrate space exploration around the world? If so, now’s your chance! Apply today to join the Yuri’s Night Global Team in supporting 2014’s parties and events.

The Yuri’s Night Global Team is responsible for developing and supporting Yuri’s Night as a whole. We run the Yuri’s Night website and party registration system, promote Yuri’s Night to the press and public, provide resources, contacts and other assistance to party organizers, and basically do what we can to grow the World Space Party.

Our Global Team application page is now open at; we’re looking for people with a variety of skills to help us out in digital maintenance, press and promotion, outreach, and much more. All positions are on a part-time, volunteer basis, and most won’t take more than a few hours a week except for the days immediately surrounding Yuri’s Night itself. (If you’re already thinking about running a Yuri’s Night party, feel free to still apply to the Global Team; many of our leaders organize or volunteer at local events while serving in Global Team positions.)

All applications are due by July 22, and we’ll be getting in touch with applicants by August 15. We’re looking forward to making 2014 the biggest year of Yuri’s Night yet, so send in your application and help us spread the word!

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