YN13 Wrapup: Yuri's Night in the news

Even though hundreds of thousands of people have attended Yuri’s Night over the years, there are still plenty of people who’ve never heard of the World Space Party–so it’s great to see that 2013 was another excellent year of news coverage for parties around the world.

On the night of April 12, Erin Burnett from CNN Out Front profiled Yuri’s Night in her “Erin’s Essay”. “In a time when most of the rocket-related stories are about military posturing and threats of attack”, Erin said, “it’s nice to be reminded that countries can still work together for the common good.” Local news stations across the US reported on nearby parties as well, including this story from Orlando’s CF News 13 that includes an extended interview with our Executive Director, Dr. Ryan Kobrick!

On the print media side, we’d like to give a special thanks to Space.com’s Miriam Kramer for two great articles on Yuri’s Night that got picked up by NBCNews.com and Yahoo!; they also have an amazing photo gallery of Gagarin’s life and legacy. Yuri’s Night was a hot topic of conversation in Discover Magazine and leading blogs like io9, and local papers and websites from The Washington Post to the Torontoist to Discovering Cleveland brought us announcements and reports from their city’s events. Across the ocean, Zurich’s 20 minuten online and South Korea’s Yeongnamilbo were just two of the sources to report on Yuri’s Night around the world.

Some of our favorite stories, though, are the ones that are barely about Yuri’s Night at all. Instead of focusing just on a single event, they look at Yuri’s Night as a cultural touchstone and a holiday that the whole world should be aware of. Whether it’s a post on AOL’s tech news site on apps to download for Yuri’s Night, or a story on Ars Technica using Yuri’s Night to discuss awesome space videos and stories, it’s heartwarming to see Yuri’s Night continuing to become a globally recognized celebration of human spaceflight.

To wrap up this wrapup, we collected a couple dozen of the top Yuri’s Night stories and made a word cloud, to see what topics came up most often:


(That “corpse” right above “gagarin” is from this Wired story on one of our favorite events, Countdown to Yuri’s Night.)

“Yuri’s Night: human space parties”–what more can we say?

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