YN13 Wrapup: The Yuri's Night Rundown

Yuri’s Night 2013 was so huge this year, we had a tough time keeping track of the awesome things that were being done to celebrate space around the globe. To make sure that you’re caught up, here’s an Earth Day update for this year’s Yuri’s Night:


Some fantastic groups from inside and outside of the space industry joined us to help celebrate the World Space Party:

Behind the scenes, the Yuri’s Night Global Team has kept more than busy bringing Yuri’s Night to the world. In the last year, the volunteers behind the Global Team have:

…and so, so much more. We could easily make this twice as long, but we’ll cut ourselves off here; check back later this week for our wrapup post looking at Yuri’s Night in the news!

Yuri's Night

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