Rock The *Planets*–Yuri's Night is on Mars

To celebrate the start of April 12, we’ve got a huge announcement to make: we’re hosting Yuri’s Night on Mars! Seriously!

PIA16764_selfie2ndfincrop-br2Our first ever Yuri’s Night on another world is being held today (Friday) in Yellowknife Bay on Mars’ Gale Crater. At 20:00 UTC (4 PM ET), the Mars Rover Curiosity will be celebrating with a message to Earth via Facebook and Twitter. For the latest details, visit the event’s Mission Control Center page.

We’re thankful for everyone at JPL and elsewhere who’s worked to make this happen, and we’re looking forward to this being the first of many Yuri’s Night parties to be held on other planets. Happy Yuri’s Night!

Yuri's Night

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