Greetings from astronaut Chris Hadfield!

To help us celebrate space around the world this April, we’re honored to bring greetings from a very special guest–astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently orbiting Earth in the International Space Station.

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Chris Hadfield himself has been celebrated around the world for using social media, video and other tools to share the experience of living in space with the public. Since blasting off for the ISS in December, Hadfield has shared photos of the Earth with his 600,000+ Twitter followers, written and recorded a duet with the Barenaked Ladies for Canada’s “Music Monday”, and talked directly with tens and thousands of students and space fans via video–including at yesterday’s #CSATweetup.

“Yuri’s Night brings the talent and creativity of people together from all walks of life with the inspiration of space,” Hadfield said in his greeting. “In the next 52 years, I can imagine […] us free to travel beyond low Earth orbit to live on the moon, to live on Mars and to go beyond.”

We’re incredibly excited to see Hadfield’s inspiring message shared across the over 300 events participating in Yuri’s Night this year. Thanks to Chris Hadfield, Magalie Renaud, and everyone at the Canadian Space Agency and NASA who helped to make this happen.

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