Explore With Yuri on the new Yuri's Night Live!

In 2011, we launched Yuri’s Night Live, a quick and easy way for partygoers to share their Yuri’s Night photos, videos and stories with the world. “YNLive” has been a huge success, but with the upcoming closing of Posterous, we needed to find a new platform to keep the party going.

Today, we’re thrilled to re-launch Yuri’s Night Live on Tumblr! Submitting photos, videos, and text is still a simple process, and if you’re an active Tumblr user it’s easier than ever to follow Yuri’s Night Live on your dashboard. We’ll be working on adding new features through the rest of Yuri’s Night 2013.

To celebrate the re-launch of Yuri’s Night Live, we’re kicking off a brand new project–Explore With Yuri! Yuri’s Night is celebrated around the world, and we’ve seen people take Yuri’s Night to some pretty amazing locations, such as when astronaut Scott Parazynski (above) showed off his Yuri patch at the top of Mount Everest. If you have any cool photos of Yuri’s Night gear in unusual locations–skydiving, on the top of the CN Tower, wherever–send them in to Yuri’s Night Live!

Of course, we still want to hear from everyone attending Yuri’s Night this year, so as parties begin to kick off over the next week, make sure to submit your favorite pictures and videos from your event. If you’d like to upload hi-res photos a little bit more formally, we encourage you to add them to our flickr group as well. We’ll be posting some of our favorite Yuri’s Night Live entries on social media–we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Yuri's Night

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