Yuri's Night signs MOU agreements with Janet's Planet, Moonandback

One of our goals at Yuri’s Night is to help tell the world about the awesomeness of space and space exploration, and we’re always looking for ways that we can help others do the same. This is why we’re proud to announce that Yuri’s Night has signed partnership agreements with Janet’s Planet and Moonandback, two groups that are leading the way in informing and educating the public about science and space exploration.






Janet’s Planet is an award-winning children’s educational television show airing on more than 140 public television stations nationwide. Created by host Janet Ivey in 2000, Janet’s Planet uses its unique, innovative and interactive approach to make science fun and accessible, engaging children and inspiring them to learn more about the universe. Janet’s Planet has received 10 regional Emmy awards for their television programming, and also educates the public through live shows and the www.janetsplanet.com website.

Moonandback is a magazine-style web site devoted to the coverage of space, with an emphasis on personal and commercial spaceflight. Founded in 2010, Moonandback combines top space stories with interviews of leading space figures and independent commentary and opinion pieces. Moonandback’s mission is to educate and entertain, and to inspire young students in the STEM disciplines and careers in space-related fields. For the latest space news, make sure to bookmark Moonandback at www.moonandback.com.

To learn more about Yuri’s Night’s affiliates and sponsors, such as Spacevidcast and Vostok Space Beer, visit our partners page–or check out our Facebook Page, where we’ll be spotlighting a couple of our partners each Friday.

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