Chris Hadfield: space rockstar

At Yuri’s Night, we like to highlight the awesome work that people are doing to get the world interested in space exploration. It’d be hard to find many people who’ve done more to further this cause over the last couple of months than Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Hadfield blasted off for the ISS as part of Expedition 35 on December 19, and even though he’s had a full schedule installing the ISERV telescope, testing out the Canadarm2, and even repairing the Waste and Hygiene Compartment (a.k.a. the space toilet), it seems like he’s been working nonstop to promote space to the public. On his first week in orbit, he recorded “Jewel In The Night“, an original holiday song which calls for

Love for the families that gather below,
Love for the stranger that you’ll never know,
For those who are with you,
who wander above.

Hadfield also took the time to record some of the more mundane sounds on the ISS; take a listen here.

Chris Hadfield’s also been a prolific user of Twitter while in orbit. From his @Cmdr_Hadfield account, he’s sent out daily updates about what’s going on around the Station, challenged his followers to name natural landmarks and, in one already-legendary incident, he gave William Shatner a Trekkie status report from “Standard Orbit”. Hadfield’s answered questions in an “Ask Me Anything” session on reddit and spoken with students at several Canadian schools–including one that, very deservingly, has been named in his honor.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chris Hadfield and Expedition 35, take a look at the Canadian Space Agency website; the CSA is also running several cool science and photography-based contests, with prizes including a chance to meet Hadfield himself via webcast. Thanks to the CSA and Chris Hadfield for all they’re doing to rock the planet!

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