Yuri's Night, Explore Mars To Collaborate on Mars Science Laboratory Landing Celebrations

Yuri’s Night and Explore Mars are teaming up to celebrate the upcoming landing of the Mars Science Laboratory, the largest and most advanced rover to explore the Red Planet. Yuri’s Night will be providing registration services and logistical support for celebrations and events to be held around the world on August 5, the projected landing date for the MSL.

“We’re excited to help Explore Mars celebrate this space milestone,” said Yuri’s Night Executive Director Ryan Kobrick. “Yuri’s Night, the World Space Party, is uniquely suited to help organize and promote space-based celebrations of all shapes and sizes, and we look forward to the successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory in August!”

The Mars Science Laboratory, named Curiosity, is scheduled to land in Gale Crater near the Martian equator before beginning 23 months of exploration across the planet’s surface to study Martian geology and the possibility of past or present life on Mars. Groups around the world, including the Planetary Society, are already beginning preparations for their landing parties, which are part of Explore Mars’ “GetCurious” initiative.

Registration for MSL landing parties officially opens today at http://mars.yurisnight.net/party/add-self.php, and a full list of registered events can be viewed at http://yurisnight.net/explore-mars-events/. For more information about ExploreMars, the Mars Science Laboratory landing parties, or GetCurious, visit http://www.GetCurious.com/parties.

About Yuri’s Night

Yuri’s Night is a non-profit organization dedicated to hosting global celebrations of humanity’s presence in space each April 12 in commemoration of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight and the inaugural launch of the Space Shuttle. Currently in its 13th year of operation, Yuri’s Night hosted over 230 parties in 51 countries in 2012, including events in Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York City and at the South Pole.

About Explore Mars

Explore Mars is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization that was created to advance the goal of sending humans to Mars within the next two decades. To further that goal, Explore Mars conducts programs and technical challenges to stimulate the development and/or improvement of technologies that will make human Mars missions more efficient and feasible. In addition, to embed the idea of Mars as a habitable planet, Explore Mars challenges educators to use Mars in the classroom as a tool to teach standard STEM curricula.

Yuri's Night

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