Join the Yuri's Night Global Team for 2013!

Are you interested in promoting space exploration around the globe? Do you have a great idea about how to make Yuri’s Night even better than before? Do you want to help us throw the world’s biggest space party in 2013?

If so, this is your chance–apply to join the Yuri’s Night Global Executive Team! The YN Global Team is responsible for promoting Yuri’s Night around the world, supporting Yuri’s Night events, and maintaining the Yuri’s Night website and party-management system. Each year, dozens of volunteers from around the world come together to help out on the Global Team, and today we’re officially opening up Global Team applications for Yuri’s Night 2013.

We’re doing things a bit differently than in the past. Rather than listing specific positions, we’re asking applicants to select which of the four Global Team branches they want to help out with–Operations, Outreach, Media, or the DigiTeam. Let us know what your interests and skills are, and we’ll figure out where you’d be the best fit within Yuri’s Night. If there’s a specific position or project you’d particularly like to work on, though, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Participating on the Yuri’s Night Global Team is a fantastic way to promote space, get involved in the field of space advocacy, and meet the next generation of space leaders. Prior Yuri’s Night experience is beneficial, but by no means necessary–some of our most dedicated Global Team members had never been to a Yuri’s Night before joining–so if you know anybody who you feel may be a good fit for the Global Team, make sure to pass this link along!

To apply for the Global Team, visit and fill out the application form. All applications are due June 30, so get yours started today!

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