YN Exec applications go live Monday, June 4th!

Do you want to join a passionate group of volunteers that’re helping people around the world come together to celebrate humanity in space? If so, your chance is coming soon!

Yuri’s Night is officially opening applications for the 2013 Yuri’s Night Global Team (AKA the Yuri’s Night Executive) on Monday, June 4th. After meeting for a special-session summit at the ISDC last weekend, the Yuri’s Night Board of Directors has been working on how to best Rock The Planet next year, and we’d love for you to join us. Check yurisnight.net next Tuesday for details on how to join the team; in the meanwhile, visit http://yurisnight.net/team2012 to read more about the 2012 Global Team.

Finally, we haven’t forgotten about Yuri’s Night Flashback. The top entries from our photo/video contest are being judged as we speak; when the winners are decided, you can be sure to check them out on our website, Facebook account and Twitter page.

Yuri's Night

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